Nebraska official on hot mic: Big Ten decision on Tuesday

University of Nebraska president Ted Carter unintentionally may have let the cat out of bag as to an official announcement regarding the start of the Big Ten football season.Carter was caught on a live microphone saying that an announcement will come later on Tuesday. His statement came two days after Big Ten presidents and chancellors met to discuss a possible fall football season.Carter was speaking to Bob Hinson, director of the National Strategic Research Institute, at a podium prior to a news conference Tuesday morning in Lincoln, Neb.”We’re getting ready to announce the ‘Huskers and Big Ten football tonight,” Carter told Hinson, on a video posted by KETV television in Omaha.”Oh, really?” Hinson said. “I heard that that was happening. There’s a lot of anticipation about that. Good for you. Maybe that will get off your plate.”Carter responded: “Well, it never will, but it’s a good move in the right direction.”It should be noted that Carter is not one of the 14 presidents and chancellors who will vote on the decision.Carter was later asked in a separate interview about the conversation made on the live microphone.